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Many are oblivious to the reality that the Third World War is well under way. This war is not being fought between nations. This war is the one that has been dreamed up by a hierarchy so vile, evil and ugly, it has alluded public detection for a very long time. The Trojan Horse has entered the gates some time ago and we as a society are in trouble.

Allow me to explain …

The war that has been created between men and women continues on its destructive path, advancing the battle field, dividing and conquering. Children are hurting the most; as is the case in most wars. Women are seemingly confused, vengeful and oblivious to the overall cost to them. Men are killed, demonized, humiliated, jailed, tortured and bankrupted. That friends, is the short list.

You see, when there is an opportunity for people to make money and they…

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