Many are oblivious to the reality that the Third World War is well under way. This war is not being fought between nations. This war is the one that has been dreamed up by a hierarchy so vile, evil and ugly, it has alluded public detection for a very long time. The Trojan Horse has entered the gates some time ago and we as a society are in trouble.

Allow me to explain …

The war that has been created between men and women continues on its destructive path, advancing the battle field, dividing and conquering. Children are hurting the most; as is the case in most wars. Women are seemingly confused, vengeful and oblivious to the overall cost to them. Men are killed, demonized, humiliated, jailed, tortured and bankrupted. That friends, is the short list.

You see, when there is an opportunity for people to make money and they get a whiff, the nostrils of greed widen, like a bull pointed at the red. Our courts, the most powerful institutions in the world (More powerful than governments – I dare to be challenged) have enlisted a scheme of man hate so profound that they now, in public view for all to see, strike down men at will.

Not so long ago this man hate in the court system was hidden from view. One by one men were dragged before corrupt judiciary and dismantled. These men, would stand with jaws dropped, as they listened to the list of bullshit that they had done and would have to put up with for the rest of their days while the woman eyed his response with acute peripheral vision.  The amount of loss a man suffers when a woman suddenly figures her life could be better, if she kicked his ass out the door, suddenly brings her to vengeful orgasm so powerful that nothing can stop her. Let’s face it, an orgasm is tough to stop midstream.

The problem for the woman is once she pushes her snowball off the mountain, not even she can stop it as it grows and gains momentum. The ears of corruption get pointy and the taste of money becomes overpowering for them. The glasses come out of the cases and adorn noses equally as pointy.

Let’s meet the Pointy’s : judges, lawyers, police, therapists, doctors, jails, prisons, probation/parole, ‘councilors’, governments and children’s services. The list that collects a paycheck through divorce is nauseating. The grand dollar figure on the cost of divorce for the last 50 years in the western world, if it were known and totaled, would pay off the US National Debt overnight.

Men walk away bewildered. How could this happen to me? The conversation with Joe at work who had gone through divorce comes to his mind. Wow, he thinks, they did it to two of us. Then as he wallows in depression, bankruptcy, loss of children etc . The Pointy’s redirect him back to the top for therapy so he can be fixed and continue being the good slave that he once was. Slave, hmmm he ponders. He has to ponder since postulating is only for the Pointy’s . His nose isn’t pointy enough for that yet.

Looked upon by family and friends as a no good; the confusion mounts. Here take some of these the shrink suggests. Little orange ones will do wonders for you … you know … balance you out … ahmm … fix you.

He goes home and takes a rope and goes into the garage and kills himself.

He goes home and gets his caches of weapons and shoots up a school.

He goes home and gets some gas and sets himself on fire at the courthouse.

He goes and kills his ex wife and kids

He makes a bomb and destroys a subway, building or airplane.

He shoots the pointy nosed prosecutor.


Have we as a society had enough of this shit yet?

Stop pretending we do not know what is wrong with men when they do these things.

Stop pretending we need to lock up more men.

Stop pretending we need to demonize men further.

Stop pretending YOU don’t know what’s wrong.

Stop the GREED!

The elite are looking for more ‘living space’ (quote: Adolf Hitler as he invaded nations with impunity) and they are destroying boys and men to get it. Eventually when men are killed off they will start killing women as well. Feminism is a lose/lose situation in the end.

Kiss your son good night mom, then come back and have a look at this video.